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7 hd spinning on mount st. helena, radar returns in the north bay where the light rain has been falling throughout the overnight hours. heading around panoramic highway towards lucas valley road that area getting wet weather. fallen, cotati, santa rosa pulling way from petaluma right now we have wet weather. sonoma towards st. helena, just a few sprinkles. this is coming in from the southwest heading to the northeast. a few sprinkles are possible for all of us during the morning hours, bulk of the rain will come in later. coast rain north bay better part of today upper 50s to mid 60s more clouds than yesterday, low to upper 60s rain in the for the bay, inland areas will be dry with mid to upper 60s. here's sue. first reports of accident good news in the reverse commute direction eastbound highway 4 port chicago blocking a lane, westbound
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sounds like there's a duplicate accident westbound that one on the shoulder. expect delays out of antioch, 20 minute ride from hillcrest towards 242. good news in oakland southbound 880 at high, injury accident cleared out of lanes traffic should be getting by without delay. we continue to follow breaking news out of redwood city where a water main break is flooding streets and two hopes near brewster avenue and warren, in the downtown area near the san mateo county government center. hopefully, that will be cleaned up as workers begin to show up in a few hours. crews are using pumps to remove water from the base s of two hopes. police are diverting traffic -- around that area which can get busy. fire officials tell us the water came from an eight inmain, most of the water ended up gushing into the -- storm drains, water service shutdown to some homes.
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striking union employees at the port of oakland are continuing their 24 demonstration phase one started last night at oakland airport. as amy hollyfield tells us, phase two is getting underway what is going on? >> reporter: good morning. look behind me in opens at 6:00, it is blocked, there are 30, 40 people, union workers blocking this berth scheduled to open now now you can see the line of trucks, all the truck drivers trying to get into the bertm lined up at to either deliver the goods or pick up, the -- guy in front says he's trying to pick up an empty container, they are sitting here they can't get in. these workers are represented by the clerical and us towed y'all work stories the port they hope the teamsters and other -- unions will join them
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and won't cross their picket line. they are upset with the port wanting them to contribute more to their retirement. this strike will block independent contractors who will lose money if they can't deliver or pick up goods. workers tell me they realize that but feel this is worth it. >> i feel bad about that but i need to fight for my rights, i've been working here a long time and i earn my phone i come to work everyday, rain, snow, shine, sick or not, i'm here faithfully, so they need to be faithful to us. >> reporter: this strike is also at the airport you will see a picket line if you go to oakland airport they starred there last night. they do not plan time pack travel. they want you to get to your thanksgiving destination. they do want you to see their presence there. i want to show you live this huge rat here, inflated rat,
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they are doing this to show they say this is the symbol of the other side of the table. we will stay out here and let you know the progress. join us in the next half hour we'll give you an update. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we'll be coming back to that picture. today is expected to be one of busiest travel days of the year. west coast storm hitting the pacific northwest could delay bay area travelers. katie marzullo joins us live. >> reporter: people who are flying today are probably the lucky ones the smart ones, bucking most of the trends when it comes to busy flying. last friday was busy especially for families whose kids are out of school all week, tomorrow history rally the busiest day, sunday for people returning -- all told 1.2 million will pass through sfo for thanksgiving. the trouble could be on is
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way. this is video out of oregon bad storm to our north in oregon and washington that rain is expected to get here tonight or tomorrow, already heavy drizzle here at sfo now. according to aaa fewer people will this thanksgiving than last, sfo expects a 3% increase in the number of passengers. sfo ranked by orbitz as the third busiest airport for thanksgiving holiday this year. the ones who were able to get this morning, today, they are the lucky ones. >> that's why i'm leaving early. >> just missed the huge rush on wednesday and i think that the itinerary was better. >> i thought it was easier than wednesday. , i wish i had done sunday or monday >> reporter: why that is? >> no, -- no just more crowded. >> reporter: let's not forget
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the roads, 90% of the people traveling across the country for thanksgiving will be driving. good news for those folks as gas prices are down 7 cents over the past two weeks. bad news you have to be careful with more cars on the road the number of accidents tends to go up. according to aaa people who will travel, 50 miles or more from their home for this attention, -- this thanksgiving, americans 43.6 million, more than 5 1/2 million californians. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> you will think every one is next to you on the freeway. san francisco board of supervisors set to decide long running argument over the issue of free muni fares for low income youth. the transportation commission award more than six million dollars to help implement the program. some supervisors say the money would be better spent maintaining the fleet of buses and trains.
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traffic and weather together, next. meteorologist mike nicco just now reporting new information from the faa, two hour and 43 minute arrival delays at sfo already this morning. boy, it is going to be tough for folks traveling. traveling by road how is that going to look? sue hall will be checking in. this is the san mateo bridge looking okay so far we'll get the latest from mike and succombing up. -- mike and sue coming up. ruling just handed down after christians and atheists fought for the same space in a california park.
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welcome back. live doppler you can see heavy drizzle showing up on live doppler 7 hd the reason why we have two hour and 43 minute flight arrival delays into sfo that extends into bay bridge, treasure island, yerba buena island into marin county. this is going to be the case today with moist southerly want we could have drizzle any time during the morning to light rain in the north bay. i still think our best chance of steadier rain will be in the north bay the west of -- the rest of us could have sprinkles to scattered light rain during the afternoon our
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steadier rain starting during the evening and overnight today in the 60s. bay bridge toll, metering lights just turned on, wind advisory for the cantilever section westbound you can see delays past the first overcrossing towards san francisco. westbound highway 4 port chicago slow traffic accident blocking lane two, continued slow out of antioch, 25 minute drive towards highway 242. 238 ramp to 880 northbound first reports of an accident there. new this morning, study says being unemployed in your 50s and 60s may raise heart attack risks. the study found heart attack risks went up 25% in the first year after a job loss, regardless of the occupies. for people who lost for our more jobs risks went up 2/3. doctors say the stress of losing the job is likely to blame. story sparking religious
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debate across the country after six decades a nativity scene will not be allowed to return to a southern california park. a judge in los angeles denied a request by a group of christian churches to allow nativity scenes in a park in santa monica. the council passed a law banning all displays at a park after a local atheist put up his own displays the group of churches say they are violating their freedom of speech. oprah and her favorite things the whoops from the former queen of talk when she released this year's list. blueberries are call the super food, the same can be said about some of the products claiming to have blueberries inside. michael finney with what
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welcome back. the compute is getting more interesting as we speak -- the commute is getting more interesting as we speak, bridges wet with heavy drizzle even light rain down to about san bruno. in the afternoon steadier rain to the north the rest of us could get a shower or two during the afternoon hours with this might flow temperatures in the mid to upper 60s elsewhere. best chance of drizzle this morning, then shower possible during the afternoon showers steadier rain across the bay during the evening and overnight, tomorrow afternoon the clouds open up, look at that dry pattern thursday and friday. . blue buries touted as super health -- blueberries are touted as a super health
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food. >> but michael finney tells that healthy reputation doesn't always carry over. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports finds just because it is blue on the outside doesn't necessarily mean it is blue on the inside. fresh blueberries stacked in the produce aisle look luscious, many are aware of their healthy reputation. >> i eat them all the time. >> that's one of the best things that you can it many >> reporter: the consumer medical adviser says there is sigh wrens to back up the claim. >> eating buries, including -- blue -- eat berries -- >> reporter: if you think you are getting those benefits in packaged foods, think again. >> products look like they are loaded with blueberries but are anything but. >> reporter: for instance this pancake mix to blueberries or
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fruit of any kind. >> keep an eye out for artificially flavored. it is very important to check the list of ingredients. >> reporter: in kelloggs, frosty mini wheats blue on the outside only blue in the cereal is a d ye. a company spokesperson says the -- term blueberry muffin is used to describe the flavor and the product is labeled in compliance with laws. >> some products prominently display blueberries have only the juice in them way down the list of -- >> reporter: the cranberries infused with blueberry juice as with most fruits and vegetables, consumer reports says it is best to eat blueberries before they or their juice end up in packaged
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products. as we head into the winter and fresh fruit becomes harder to find frozen berries can be a good substitute as they remain most of their vitamins. 6:18. >> just getting word of fatality on caltrain tracks in palo alto sue is in the traffic center with the details. breaking news, developing now, here's what we know, pedestrian hit at charleston road palo alto station. northbound and southbound trains are stopped in palo alto for the time being you can get on the bus bridge between san antonio and palo alto stations for now. southbound trains held at redwood city and northbound trains stopped at palo alto due to this fatal did in palo alto. all other mass transit on time, other developing story westbound 4 port chicago accident you can see slow as you make your way towards concord out of antioch.
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good morning. live doppler 7 hd, organized areas of rain falling now santa cruz mountains, around san francisco, all the way into the north bay, also have drizzle out there, might flow is coming from the southwest, getting naturally lifted by the terrain that tends to squeeze out moisture. very mild, 50 cool spot in livermore, 59 in antioch, fremont, oakland, napa and san rafael, we are under a very humid air mass, mild one for november. low to mid 50s around the monterey bay inland to salinas, 46 in gilroy. today our best chance of rain in the north bay, rain will spread to the south overnight and then we will have a drying trend wednesday afternoon through the weekend. mid to upper 60s every --
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where. we could have a few sprinkles even light stray sure from time to time during the morning into the afternoon same around the monterey bay less likely here mid 60s around the bay mid to upper 60s inland rain shield tonight just about everybody green low to mid 50s, cloverdale and santa rosa you will wake up to upper 40s tomorrow lows almost parallel with upper level winds that steer it, going to take this area of low pressure and prove to nudge eight long that's why it is going to get -- get hung up north during the afternoon the best chance of steady rain in the nor, scattered lighter drizzle toll sprinkles ahead of it -- 11:00, midnight to 3:00 in the morning when the steadier rain moves through the bay south bay during the morning rush hour by noon clearing trend develops during the evening sky will clear and we could have fog develop tomorrow night into thursday morning. least amount of rain south bay
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up to 2/10 of an inch quarter to half inch bay up to 3/4 north bay up to a couple inches in our mountains. we'll stay this mild air mass, temperatures in the low to mid 60s through friday, mid to upper 60s over the weekend. be safe out there. 6:21. oprah's aops. the over sight -- -- the oversight she made. >> the reason menlo park company putting brakes on popular social networking website.
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welcome back. you can see how the wet weather is moving around the bay area this morning steadiest in the north bay, heavy drizzle if not a few light showers around the bay this morning. as far as flight arrival delays, we are doing good on the east coast, clear there, all the connecting hubs in the midwest ever doing okay or on time. -- out in san francisco where we have the issues, two hours and 43 minute flight arrival delays, oakland and san jose on time. use our flight tracker or follow
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katie marzullo she is at sfo and can tell you how bad it is right now. 6:25. controversy over an item listed on oprah's favorite things. it is microsoft's new tablet called the surface. oprah says she loves it and even posted a glowing endorsement on twitter. she called it a must-have holiday item this is the tweet it says gotta say love that surface, have bought 12 already for christmas gifts. only problem is, she sent the tweet using an ipad from apple, microsoft's rival. logging on to facebook is about to get slower the company in the process of using all users in north america to a more secure internet connection. you may have noticed this when you were doing online shopping or using a banking websites other websites already use it, facebook book says the slow
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down will only be slightly noticeable. you can opt-out for now if you want to. >> waterfalls flowing again in yosemite national park after one of the driest seasons on record yosemite got two inches of rain over the weekend, several falls are flowing since mid july. the park service sent these pictures despite much needed rain the merced river is still running at an extremely low level. still ahead, we are continuing to follow breaking news on the peninsula. overnight water main break flooding homes. crews trying to stop and cleanup the mess. danger in toyland new list you want to keep off your holiday gift list. controversial proposal that would strip public knew did from the streets of san francisco, -- public nudity from the streets of san francisco getting national attention. >> reporter: the port of oakland blocked, trucks cannot
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get through this picket line. i'll tell you what is going on, next. good morning. live look at bay bridge toll, wind advisory on the span. metering lights on. big problem we are watching now on the peninsula, fatald4
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6:30 thanks for joining us,
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i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. breaking news caltrain fatality in palo alto has shutdown tracks in both directions. >> here's what has happened. pedestrian was hit at charleston avenue station in palo alto, both directions of cal trains -- caltrain shutdown southbound holding at redwood city bus bridge teen san antonio and palo alto provided by vta bus service -- expecting buses to be running in the next 15 to 20 minutes hang on folks. a little delay from the bus bridge, they are coming. big delay for caltrain on the peninsula this morning, you want to find alternate ways to get around that. muni, bart, everybody else on time. the buses there great alternative. accident westbound highway 4 port chicago gummed things up for your drive out of antioch towards pittsburg into concord
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looking at 32 minute delay towards 242. here's mike with your forecast. good morning. live doppler 7 hd, radar returns getting more numerous especially around the heart of the bay, san francisco towards oakland. jut now pulling from the embarcadero -- just now pulling from the embarcadero san francisco to at&t park, heading to international boulevard, pacifica, alameda, oakland towards macarthur boulevard. north on 80, berkeley getting wet, solano, el cerrito, arlington boulevard, richmond san pablo lighter activity there marin county, lucas valley road down to larkspur, middle valley, san rafael, novato that whole area getting light rain right now. this is all coming in with a moist flow off the ocean, all of us could have a little wet weather this morning. once we get to 9:00, i think it becomes very, very scattered, scepter outside of
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the north bay, where -- except for outside of the north bay, where we have steadier light rain for the better part of the day. around the bay more clouds, stray shower possible, low to upper 60s, north bay bulk of the rain inland mid to upper 60s with low to mid 60s in the north bay where you will get the rain. all of us have more rain tonight, coming up in your forecast. we continue to follow breaking news redwood city. police are diverting traffic after a water main break sent water gushing into the streets. crews are using pumps to remove water from the basements of two homes near warren not far from the san mateo county government center. fire officials tell us the water came from an eight inch diameter main, water shutdown to some of the home ms. s in that area. >> another water main break in pittsburg created a big
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sinkhole in the street near west 11th and cutter, workers are patching the water main now. witnesses say the hole measures four to five feet and water is in several homes in that area. striking employees are blocking trucks from entering the port of oakland part of a 24 hour demonstration. let's go back live to amy hollyfield, at the port. getting noisey out there. >> reporter: the group behind me is small, but they are having an impact and they are shouting about union power and it is small now because they keep shuttling people out of here on buses to other berths they say the goal is shutdown seven to 10 berths here. we are at berths 57, 58 and 59. line of trucks blocked, not trying to drive through, sitting here waiting and hoping that maybe they are going to get in, they are not working. these workers are represented
6:34 am
by the seiu the clerical and us towed y'all workers for the port of oakland, up -- upset about what the port wants them to contribute to their retirement they say they don't think the port is bargaining fairly the port says it is. this strike blocks independent contractors so they are losing money as they stan here unable if get in. workers say they realize that but -- but feel like this is worth it. >> only two days to work and then we off thursday and friday because of the holiday. not good. >> reporter: you lose how much? >> about $400. >> this is a small minor of people losing money. they are trying to take a bunch of money from us. they all knew we were striking. we had a strike vote. weeks ago it was approved by members by over 90%. this has been a well publicized strike. >> reporter: there's also a
6:35 am
large group picketing at the oakland airport they started there last night, plan if go throughout the day, they want you to -- plan to go throughout the day they want you to see them, they have no intention of keeping you from getting on to your holiday destinations, no plans to block travel but they plan to pick debt at the airport throughout the day and here -- picket at the airport throughout the day and here at port. there's word occupy oakland would be here supporting this picket line we haven't seen them yet many protesters plan to stay throughout the day until 8:00 tonight. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. another strike set for this morning starting at 7:00, nurses at 10 sutter health hospitals plan to protest what they say are cutting to -- cuts to patient care standards and nurses benefits, 1500 will hold a one-day strike another 3300 will strike for two days at eight sutter hospitals in the east bay and novato. the hospitals are hiring
6:36 am
replacements, we have a full list of locations on when it comes to public nudity san francisco may decide tonight it is too much to bear. the board is scheduled to vote on an order nance to ban nudity in most public places for 95 years or older supports say it has gotten out of hand in some parts of the city. critics say the ordinance infringes on freedom of expression. san jose catholic diocese says the pastor of st. francis cabrini school is stepping down. father lieu vu is stepping didn't after a parent noticed mark gurries a registered sex offender was volunteer. father vu resisted their request to remove gurries because he a letter. >> whoever signed off on this should run and hide.
6:37 am
there's no one to protect him if he steps foot on our school. >> the person who signed that letter no longer works for the diocese. the mercury news it was a former human resources worker. before you start your holiday shopping, you might want to check out this year's list of dangerous toys. this morning a group will release its 27th annual trouble in toyland report. looking at choking hazards, loud toys and chemical dangers. the study finds the toys on shelves right now. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside and look at the golden gate bridge, we see a wet bridge deck there and mike tells us the rain concentrated mostly in the north bay. full forecast coming up. sue is following caltrain incident in palo alto.
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ahead and new, mission to the middle east. sudden trip secretary of state clinton is taking as violence escalates between gaza and israel.
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welcome back. thought i would show you sprinkles in the south bay around milpitas towards alum rock heading down towards it looks like center road back towards campbell, los gatos. a little wet weather for your neighborhoods, more impressive san francisco, south san francisco towards berkeley, alameda towards richmond across the bridge towards san rafael, larkspur up 101 to novato, 37 to american canyon getting wet now, as is 29 and 128 in the north bay. throughout the day the bulk of
6:41 am
the light rain will fall in the north bay drizzle around most of the bay will become scattered more widespread rain north to south through the evening and overnight tomorrow afternoon gone and dry for thanksgiving. peninsula fatal accident with caltrain at charleston avenue station, major delays throughout the system of caltrain northbound and southbound directions are stopped. we are getting word southbound at redwood city may be reopening, they will be getting single tracking shortly that has not happened yet. the first bus has arrived at san antonio station the bus bridge set in place between san antonio and palo alto those folks will begin getting shuttled back and forbes. other problem spot, -- westbound 4 port chicago accident still blocking lanes, building traffic out of antioch towards concur bumper-to-bumper that whole
6:42 am
stretch of highway 4. ahead, help from hillary. new mission for secretary of state clinton as violence in the mideast continues to escalate. continuing to monitor the situation at the port of oakland. striking employees, this live picture, promising to block trucks from arriving this morning and trucks are lined up at the gate. we'll have the latest coming up in a live report. trading underway on wall street. here's a live look at the big board. dow down 58 points. big news for hp and it is not good news. live to jane king at
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welcome back. wet tuesday from 80 north you can see best radar returns there heavier rain northwest corner of the state starting to make a southward push traveling north of 80 rain and high elevation snow south 70 fresno sunshine and high clouds, 82 palm spindletops -- palm springs. later from 4:00 this afternoon to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, winter weather advisory above 7,000 feet, four to eight inches of new snow i-80 donner pass. happening now, hundreds of port workers on 24 hour strike this morning. here's a live look at the maritime facility they began at the top of this hour
6:46 am
members of the service employees international union are hoping to convince teamster drivers as well as independent truckers not to cross picket lines. the strike started at the airport terminal 9:00 last night before it expanded. they plan to hold a noon rally. the union has been negotiating a new contract the past 16 months and says the port has been seeking concessions, not negotiating in good faith. developing news in the mideast. attack on a guard at u.s. embassy in tel aviv, israel. video shows the scene as a crowd of onlookers surgeons the building, a man approach -- surrounds the building, a man approached and again charging at guards, one garr was wounded and the man was arrested. -- officials say he's a 41-year-old israeli man with mental health problems. >> israel holding off on a ground invasion of the gaza strip, temporarily while
6:47 am
diplomats try to negotiate a cease-fire. secretary of state clinton is heading to the region. the u.s. navy is positioning three ships as a precaution in case american citizens need to be evacuated from israel. steady extreme of rocket fire continues. the conflict has killed 113 people in gaza and three in israel. israeli ground forces have amassed along the border. as we sederer they've decided not to invade for now, while the diplomatic -- talks continue this is only a temporary situation. israel says hamas must stop firing rockets into israel to avoid that invasion. major out of silicon valley more pain for hewlett-packard. >> you might be surprised where you can get the best deals on your thank meliorism jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. i take -- i take it you are not talking about your house.
6:48 am
>> no although i am hosting, i don't know if you want to come or not many i'm not known to be a good cook, we'll see. certainly, pain for hewlett-packard shareholders, shares of the software maker down more than a dollar. after the company talked about a willful effort to mislead investors and potential buyest on awe -- hp saying a part of the problem was because of puáonomy. best buy in trouble shares lower company had a quarterly net loss, blamed lower than expected sales at established stores this could help the company's founder in his efforts to buy best buy at a favorable price. housing market positive, starts climbing in october to a four year high, more improvement in construction. commerce department says superstorm sandy had minimal
6:49 am
impact on construction, experts say the damage from the storm could result in a pick-up in construction in the northeast region by next year. here's how the markets look, a little pressure, best buy down overall the markets lower with the dow down about 50 at the moment, bloomberg index down 8/ 10 of a percent. if you are looking for a bargain on the fixings for thanksgiving denner in try target, target and seven -- other retailers charging less than wal-mart for a basket of 18 items, followed by warehouse chains sams club and costco then bottom dollar. live at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. i bet he is a better cook than she says. >> i bet she is too. >> rain starting to spread in the bay area. first san rafael, 101 wet
6:50 am
weather there. south bay san jose 87, okay, sprinkles in the south bay around hp pavillion dry now. steadiest wet weather in the north bay, rogue showers moved out ahead of that initial ban causing two hour and 43 minute flight arrival delays into sfo we watched some of the rain move through there. returns around the south bay all of us dealing with drizzle and light rain through 9:00. very mild, one of the reasons we got a mild moist flow coming in this morning any time that happens in the morning we always get a little drizzle. low to mid 50s monterey bay, inland salinas, 46 gilroy. after the 9:00 hour, think the rest of us will have a chance of scattered shower north bay more steady rain. rain will spread north to
6:51 am
south during the evening and overnight, dry pattern wednesday afternoon through monday. cold front slow, winds running parallel to it, parallel wind out of the southwest, because of that a lot of moisture that's why the front is lifting it, also topography lifting it, drizzle to light rain this morning. secondary wave moves in that will get the front to push through the bay area. here's our best chance of light rain, north bay, still spotty showers around the bay during the afternoon. as we need the evening, spotty showers, steady rain north bay until we get well into the overnight hours tomorrow's morning rush hour in the south bay, by noon dry, break free of the rain sunshine for the afternoon and then fog will develop wednesday night rainfall amounts in the south bay up to 2/10 of an inch. 3/4 in the north bay.
6:52 am
north bay mountains two inches. best chance of steady rain after 9:00 north bay with scattered shower until the evening. thursday dry, same friday through monday, low to upper 60s everywhere. be careful this morning. big problem this morning is big caltrain delay, fatal accident at the charleston station in palo alto, caltrain reporting one hour delays. bus bridge set-up in the northbound direction between san antonio and palo alto, buses are rolling, folks are getting moved along. southbound now open they were holding trains at redwood city they are letting those trains go but very slow, 10 miles an hour, single tracking southbound. best bet if you are traveling on the peninsula, take vta or get in your car and drive, caltrain not the way to go this morning. they are working to clear that up, it will be sometime. no other mass transit delays.
6:53 am
other big problem westbound highway 4 port chicago that accident is clear. our waze app westbound direction you can see slow out of antioch damage is done, even though that accident is out of lanes. 40 minute drive at last from antioch towards highway 242. that accident cleared. to navigate your commute download this free app. 6:53. ahead, five things to know before you go. the abc7 morning news return
6:54 am
as we get ready to hand things to have "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go: major delays for caltrain after a train hit a pedestrian in palo alto charleston avenue crossing. caltrain providing bus service between palo alto and
6:55 am
san antonio stations. >> number two workers at port of oakland stopping trucks planning noon rally, they launched a 24 hour strike last night. >> number three, so far, all out-bound flights at sfo on time. arriving flights from other parts of the country are showing some delays. one trouble spot the pacific northwest where a powerful storm is caution flooding, downing trees and causing power outages in washington and oregon. >> number four, secretary of state clinton set to arrive in the mideast today to help negotiate an end to the missile and rocket tax between israel and gaza. sources say israeli officials decided to hold off on ground offensive for a limited time for diplomatic solution. >> number five, broken water main in redwood city flooding streets and two hopes. police diverting traffic around the area of brewster and warren. second water main break in pittsburg has created a
6:56 am
sinkhole near west 11 and cutter. scattered rain moving through the heart of the bay, steadier rain north bay you can see around the san pablo bay heart of the san francisco bay, seeing wet weather, the reason why we have flight arrival delays into sfo, waves of light rain through at least 9:00, a few sprinkles across the south bay, steadier rain up in the north bay for the better part of today, the rest of us get it this evening and overnight. back to the bay bridge, metering lights on, high winds upper deck. big problem caltrain delay, at least one hour delay, earlier fatal at charleston northbound bus bridge set up, southbound single tracking major delays, vta providing that bus bridge that's the best way to get around it this morning. >> one hour caltrain delays at
6:57 am
airport, sfo delays are what? >> two hours, 43 minutes. thanks for the info guys. >> thanks for joining us.
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i like that. good morning, america. breaking right now, violence at the u.s. embassy in israel. a man with an ax and a knife attacks a security guard.

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